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Steel Structural Coatings

Depend on the experts to protect your investment

While steel is known for its strength, the unfortunate truth is that it's also highly susceptible to damage when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Moisture, salt water, extreme heat or cold, and even sunlight take a toll on your facility’s steel structural components.

The professional team at Raider Painting can help you preserve the investment your industrial facility represents. With nearly 30 years of experience across a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial projects, we offer comprehensive services that enhance the appearance of your facility while providing exceptional protection.

How can steel structural coatings help you?

Over time, exposure to the elements causes rust and corrosion that can lead to extensive deterioration of steel components. It's essential to preserve the structural integrity of your facility with a professional application of protective coatings.

Epoxy coatings are an excellent choice for steel structural components. Known for their tough durability, outstanding adhesion properties, and high resistance to water and chemicals, epoxy forms a tough, protective layer similar to plastic that prevents seepage and inhibits rust and corrosion.

Most epoxy coatings are two-part formulas that must be precisely mixed and applied with exact timing. Without proper application, the protective properties of epoxy are greatly reduced. The team at Raider Painting has extensive experience working with epoxy resins in a variety of industrial settings, to deliver maximum results for you.

See our work in action.

The Sutro Tower in San Francisco is a unique, impressive structure, standing at 1,000 feet high above the city. This transmission tower services 11 television stations, four FM radio stations, and 20 wireless communication services throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Our team is pleased to have been chosen to coat the internal steel structural components for the legs of the Sutro Tower. There are many challenges involved with this project, from logistical difficulties to the unrepentant San Francisco weather.

Because the tower is so high, it is very often surrounded by fog, and the moisture prevents paint from adhering. Our crews on standby constantly checked the weather and seized opportunities to work as soon as the fog lifted.

Access to the tower also presents several challenges. The elevator to the top can only accommodate two people, or one person with tools and paint. Bringing a handful of crew and materials up or down can take up to 30 minutes. To reach the steel components, our team has to climb into the legs from the top, wearing full body harnesses. The paint and tools must also be secured to the structure, and crew members must return to the platform often for more paint.

Safety is a priority on this project. Space is tight inside the legs, and our team members must wear respiratory protection. We hold daily safety checks and meetings, and employ an on-site safety manager. 

Quality industrial painting services, backed by experience

At Raider Painting, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality services to meet the needs of your business. Contact us to discuss how we can enhance your commercial or industrial facility, or click to partner with us for project success.


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