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November 13, 2012

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Graphic paint for your commercial facility

What would Old Navy be without the big blue, oval logo gleaming from the retail floor? Could you imagine a standalone Disney store without the familiar characters painted on the exterior? Graphic paint can add character and appeal to any commercial facility, and the holiday season is a good time to touch up your existing graphics or have new graphics painting done.

How does graphic paint benefit your commercial facility?

Well-done graphics heighten the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building, whether they are applied to your exterior walls, interior walls, or even your decks or flooring. Graphics are interesting to look at, and help draw the attention of customers to your business.

In addition, graphics painting can help to strengthen your brand. Whether your commercial investment is a retail store or an entire mall, restaurant, office building, or stadium/arena, adding graphics to your overall design makes your facility stand out.

How commercial painting contractors add or touch up graphic paint jobs

Although graphic paint is not limited to images, they are popular choices, especially for commercial businesses that have recognizable characters or mascots associated with their brand. Other styles of graphic paint include distinctive patterns, logos, or even words or phrases.

A good commercial painting contractor with experience in graphics will closely follow your specifications, recommending the best placements and paint types for maximum durability and aesthetic appeal.

Adding or freshening the graphics at your commercial facility delivers the details that matter, when your customers’ impressions count—especially during the busy holiday season.

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