Beautiful Floors with Polished Concrete Finishes

November 24, 2009

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One of the most popular solutions to concrete finishes in commercial and industrial facilities is polished concrete. Even residential buildings favor this concrete flooring solution because it costs less to install and yet results to beautiful concrete finishes that lasts for long periods of time.

Polishing concrete finishes takes a high degree of skills in the part of painting contractors, because the process involves a steady hand and deep concentration to execute successfully. The right amount of polishing comes from using polishing disks that are encrusted at the edges with diamond powder. When the diamond-covered disks come in contact with the concrete substrate, it grounds any protrusions and uneven areas in the concrete, turning the surface into a smooth and shiny work of art.

The nice thing about polished concrete finishes is that they are durable and hardly need any re-finishing for long spans of time, incurring lesser maintenance costs. When combined with aggregate materials or added with a dash of color or stain, they are also an eye-catching alternative to costly tiles, carpets or vinyl coverings.

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