Facility managers should be able to answer “YES” to all the questions below when considering hiring a painting contractor:

1. Does the contractor have a valid and updated license to operate in your area, avoiding legal hassles that can stall or halt your project?

2. Does the contractor’s organizational structure suit your job needs, with key management and technical people available for your requirements?

3. Are the contractor’s resources – manpower, equipment, and time – capable of delivering the job within the project life cycle?

4. Does the contractor have the experience required for the painting assignment you require?

5. Are comments from the contractor’s previous clients satisfactory and reassuring that they will deliver the same quality to your painting project?

6. Can the contractor comply with insurance, safety, health and environmental standards and certifications required for the project?

Lessen the risk of a botched paint job. Hiring the best industrial painting contractor is of paramount importance.