Customized Artistic Concrete Finish

December 21, 2009

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Out of the seemingly ordinary mixture of cement, gravel and sand, and water, comes the strong and durable concrete finish. Concrete has long been known in architectural and engineering circles for its flexibility in various types of construction application. Concrete finish is particularly perfect for flooring systems that need outstanding durability and strength because of the frequent pedestrian and mechanical traffic. When concrete solidifies, it can be hard as stone. And when polished or applied with sealants, concrete finish offers strong resistance and long-term protection against damage.

Because concrete is very malleable when wet, it can be transformed into anything. This unique ability produces concrete finish that is aesthetically pleasing, transforming any space in the facility into rooms of beauty. The malleability of concrete allows for the creation of geometric patterns in the concrete surface. Concrete finish can even be embedded with material aggregates such as steel, wood, glass, or stone, to achieve a decorative look.

Artistry is unlimited in concrete finish application, and painting contractors work the concrete surface like a canvas to produce beautiful customized concrete finish. The tricks of the trade vary from innovative arc- and pattern-making with only the use of a trowel, or the more sophisticated techniques involved in acid staining and decorative coatings.

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