Epoxy Floor Coatings for Flooring Problems

May 3, 2010

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Facility floors suffer from certain flooring problems that need the application of epoxy floor coatings to solve. Below are some of the most common problems often encountered in facility floors:

1. Impact Damage

Human and vehicular traffic is a constant daily activity in the facility. The continuous traffic can cause floorings to deteriorate. Hard impacts from dropped loads, or the caustic sting of spilled chemicals, can harm the floors and open it to cracks and tears. These damages need the application of epoxy coatings for floor repairs.

2. Protection Breakdown

Floor deterioration is also often caused by a breakdown in the protective coatings layer. Floors get more slippery when waterproofing protection bogs down. Corrosion becomes severe, dirt and stains are harder to remove, and minute damages become bigger when these protective coatings lose their effectiveness. At this time, facility managers decide to restore the protection with a fresh application of protective epoxy coatings.

3. Aesthetic Deterioration

When floors became an eyesore — dull or dirty — it has a negative effect to the general appearance of the facility. Hard-to-remove stains, fading colors, or rents and tears are visually unappealing. Visitors and tenants may get annoyed or dismayed, affecting the facility’s image and reputation. An uplifting change to colorful epoxy coatings can revive the look of facility floors effectively.

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