When you restore historical commercial buildings with a special restoration technique; you require specific paint products to meet the standards set by the historical board in the area. Most people do not realize that there is a difference between industrial paint and residential paint.

Each state or county gives a set of guidelines. The guidelines will outline restrictions regarding modifications to the exterior and the interior of an establishment. An application needs to be submitted for a Certificate of approval before you can carry out any changes.

A unique commercial paint is used to restore old historical buildings. The National Historical Trust in conjunction with a handful of paint companies developed a range of colors that they use to restore buildings to their original historical color of beauty. To achieve the best results requires the contractor to follow a preservation process first and then apply the commercial paint that will transform the building to its original value.

Research plays a valuable role in the preservation process. A good way to start is to visit the local library to find out more information about the building, paint colors and layout. Also ask the professionals for example designer, historian board etcetera for advice. The key factor is to find a color that resembles the original color.

Keep in mind if a commercial building was built prior to the year 1978 there is the possibility that the paint contains lead which causes serious health problems. The only way to restore the old building is to strip the old paint and apply new durable industrial paint.