The safety of your customers and employees is a top priority for any facility. You need a durable deck coating that protects both your structure and the people who walk on it. Of course, you also want your deck to be aesthetically pleasing.

From balconies to pool decks to parking structures, it’s important to ensure that your deck surface coating is slip-resistant, and free of cracks and imperfections that can cause accidents. In addition, properly applied deck coatings enhance the appearance of your facility and show that details matter to you.

How can broadcast, anti-skid or traffic deck coatings benefit you? These coatings work to preserve the structural integrity of your deck by preventing water and chemicals from seeping into the concrete or other substrate. This is an essential characteristic for deck coatings in any commercial or industrial environment.

Anti-skid & traffic deck coatings also enhance the safety of your deck area by preventing slippage. In addition, these coatings allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance, contributing to the safety of your facility.

While broadcast coatings promote safety and easy cleaning as well, they’re also highly attractive deck coverings with a vast array of design possibilities. Types of broadcast coatings include sand and stone texture, mosaic and quartz chip styles, and many more.

Your parking structure is often the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your facility. To make the best possible impact, you need a professional team to ensure that your parking areas look as good as they function. Concerned about downtime? One of the primary concerns for parking areas is accessibility. We schedule your project to accommodate the needs of your business and your customers, including sectioned scheduling and nights, weekends, and holiday work, to prevent interruption of your business flow.

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