Professional Concrete Restoration Contractors

If your walls, floors, or stonework are starting to show signs of wear, a professional concrete restoration service provider can restore them to their original glory with durable concrete coatings.

Although concrete and masonry work is thought of as permanent, it does require some occasional work to keep it in good condition for the long term. Without quality concrete restoration services to keep it in good condition, concrete and masonry can deteriorate and wear down over time. Ultimately, leaving your property looking dilapidated and leading to more costly repairs down the road. When it comes to repairing and restoring old concrete and masonry work, there are few concrete restoration contractors that have the experience and expertise of Raider Painting.

What to Expect in Concrete Restoration

  • Surface Preparation: The first and most essential step in concrete restoration is surface preparation. Any existing paint, coatings, or contaminants must be removed to confirm proper adhesion of the new coating. For example, we restored the exterior deck at a busy outdoor mall, which had suffered damage and deterioration from heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements. After preparing the surface with diamond grinding for a non-slip surface, we applied a concrete densifier that penetrates the concrete for a protective coating that will retain its great look for years.
  • Polished Concrete Option: Following surface prep, there are a few options for restoring the surface. Polished concrete is often an excellent choice, as it doesn’t require extensive remodeling. It’s also an environmentally friendly procedure that involves no elaborate chemicals or synthetic products.
  • Clear Coat Finishing Option: Another option available from concrete restoration contractors is a clear finish coating, which can enhance any substrate surface. This method achieves an elegant high gloss or matte finish for concrete or masonry. It is also easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting aesthetic appeal.
  • Elastomeric Coating Option: Elastomeric coatings are an exceptional choice for exterior decks and walls, or for surfaces that are constantly exposed to moisture. Concrete restoration contractors can provide elastomerics, which have superior waterproofing capabilities that protect your substrate from moisture damage, while also enhancing the look of your deck, flooring, or walls.

Raider Painting — Your Trusted Concrete Restoration Contractor

Raider Painting has built a strong reputation as one of the leading concrete restoration contractors. We can leverage our skill and know-how to bring your property back into like-new condition. Raider Painting’s comprehensive concrete restoration services can save you a substantial amount of money over the lifetime of your property. Because, repairing and restoring the existing concrete can prevent the need for more extensive construction to replace crumbling structures. Our extensive skills in concrete restoration mean that not only will Raider Painting ensure that your existing concrete structures are kept in good condition, but also that they will continue to be as aesthetically pleasing as they were when they were first constructed. Raider Painting can keep your concrete and masonry looking good and performing at its best for a long time to come.

Contact Raider Painting For Your Concrete Restoration Needs

No other contractor delivers the concrete restoration services that Raider Painting can. If you’re concerned about the life and/or appearance of your concrete and masonry, contact us and learn what we can do to help.