To prevent your structure from degrading water damage, you need a protective deck coating that will provide superior protection.

Elastomerics are among the most popular types of coatings used in commercial and industrial settings.

What are elastomeric coatings? As the name implies, this coating has elastic qualities that allow it to expand and contract along with the substrate under extreme temperatures, while still retaining its shape. Additionally, elastomeric coatings can bridge small, pre-existing cracks in substrates and prevent them from expanding, while providing an excellent barrier against the moisture and heat that can damage the structural integrity of your deck and flooring, all while enhancing aesthetic appeal.

While elastomerics are particularly beneficial for concrete, stucco, and masonry, where the absence of a smooth surface often promotes chipping and cracking, this coating is beneficial for any type of deck service. Raider Painting has applied elastomeric coatings to a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects over decades, producing exceptionally satisfying results. Consult with us, and we’ll help you determine whether Elastomeric coatings will meet the needs of your facility.

Why do you need elastomeric deck coatings? Your decks and floors are subjected to a tremendous amount of wear and tear, caused by foot and mechanical traffic and exposure to the elements. Over time, even the best-built deck will start to look dull, dirty, and stained.The surface will also become chipped or cracked. These imperfections are widened through water seepage, and can eventually lead to serious damage and degradation that requires expensive remodeling and replacement.

Enhance the appearance of your facility while protecting your investment with a fresh coating of elastomeric. The professionals at Raider Painting work regularly with all types of specialty coatings for commercial and industrial facilities. With more than 3 decades of hands-on experience and in-depth product knowledge, you can rely on us to apply elastomeric correctly the first time, for long-lasting protection and fantastic aesthetics.