From power transport towers in the baking sun, to hot, hazardous chemical refineries, to busy manufacturers, industrial processes are the foundation of heavy industry, infrastructure, and much of modern technology.

Industrial processes are procedures involving chemical, physical, electrical or mechanical steps to aid in the preparation or manufacture of a substance, material, or item(s) needed for business, usually carried out on a very large scale.  Industrial processes also usually – but not always – involve a lot of heat. That heat can be very destructive, and can degrade or detrimentally impact your investments and machinery.

How do you keep your hot equipment, surfaces, and environments looking great? You use a special process and paint product which is designed to withstand and adapt to temperatures hot enough to spontaneously combust paper or turn pennies to puddles.

Heat Resistant Coatings

Heat resistant coatings shrug off the heat presented by extreme environments – like the exterior of industrial smoke stacks, smelters, industrial ovens, kilns, and so on. The properties of heat-resistant coating systems are determined mainly by the constituent binders, fillers, and pigments.

Heavy industrial, manufacturing, and energy facilities find that high-temperature coatings will improve and prolong the life of their machinery and vital infrastructure. Examples of our clients include automotive and aerospace parts manufacturers, recycling facilities, and refineries. Typical application surfaces include machinery, smoke stacks, pipes, and vents. For information about how heat resistant coatings might help improve the finish of your facility, give us a call.

Heat Resistant vs Intumescent

Heat-resistant coating systems are the ideal solution for extreme environments. The difference between high temperature coatings and intumescents is that high temperature coatings maintain their finish at high temperature, while under heat intumescents swell, adding oxygen and insulation to their substance to reduce the risk of a fire spreading. Intumescents serve as a firebreak, making it ideal for the offices and work spaces in the surrounding environment. You can read more about intumescents here.