These essential, irreplaceable pieces of history must be approached delicately in order to maintain the integrity of the structure while transforming its appearance and restoring it to glory. Historical buildings deserve a contractor that approaches each restoration project with respect and reverence — one with decades of experience restoring historically sensitive properties to their original glory. To deliver the results you want, historical restoration contractors must not only honor your property’s past, but also prepare it for a long future.

When working with historical restoration, there is a major emphasis on preparation time, as well as the care taken in the actual work. Additionally, preservationists and historical societies have strict requirements for color schemes and finishes. A unique commercial paint is used to restore old historical buildings. The National Historical Trust in conjunction with a handful of paint companies developed a range of colors that they use to restore buildings to their original historical color of beauty. To achieve the best results requires historical restoration companies to follow a preservation process first and then apply the commercial paint that will transform the building to its original value.

Steps Involved for Historic Restorations

Extensive research: This is critical to the success of a historical restoration project, including reading archived documents and examining old photographs of the structure to uncover relevant information.

Analysis: Laboratory testing is performed to determine the structure’s material content, including tests for the presence of lead. This is an essential component in determining the appropriate corrosion-resistant coatings and treatments to apply. A non-destructive surface analysis is also conducted at the site, using portable equipment to test for the presence of chemicals without endangering the monument’s structural integrity.

Structural examination: Performed to locate holes or cracks, which can lead to water seepage and degradation. The rate of corrosion is measured through patina samples extracted from various areas of the historical structure.

Coating Selection: Finally, the optimal coatings for use with the structure are identified, and the painstaking restoration process begins.

Why Choose Raider Painting for Historical Restoration?

Extensive Experience: When starting any historically sensitive restoration project, it is crucial that the contractor has a strong background in such projects. As painting contractors with more than 34 years of experience, we have the understanding necessary to deliver strong results for these types of projects. This means your historical restoration project will be handled with the utmost level of sensitivity.

Knowledgeable: The contractor not only has to take great care when working on a historic building, but also needs to have the expertise needed to use materials that work with the structure. Raider Painting has earned a reputation as one of the leading historical restoration contractors because we place a great deal of emphasis on treating historic buildings with respect.

Take the Next Step With Raider Painting Today

When done properly, historical restoration projects performed by historical restoration companies can take several months to complete. However, most commercial and industrial facility owners find it worth the investment in time to restore their properties to original glory, without damaging the priceless structure.

If you have a historic building that requires expert, sensitive restoration services, Raider Painting has the experience necessary to ensure that your building’s past and future are being preserved. Contact Raider Painting today to learn what we can do to ensure your restoration project gets the respect it deserves.