10 Tips for Hiring an Industrial Painting Company

November 19, 2008

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Not all industrial painting companies are created equal, here are some tips for hiring a industrial painting company:

1. Correctly specify the work that you need done. If your needs are not accurately proposed, your quote may not be correct.

2. Get a quote from more than one company, in writing. You may be able to negotiate a lower price with a better company if you have more than one option on hand. Don’t hire on low prices alone, it may end up costing you more in the long run.

3. Ask for references. Follow-up on these references and remember the industrial painting company is not going to give you any bad reference. To get a true view of the companies work ask their references if they know of any other work the company has done.

4. Pay attention to the professionalism and courtesy of the representative, it is a good indication of the industrial paint company standards.

5. Question their knowledge of paints, application and decorating. If they have a good knowledge of these things it will make you feel more comfortable placing your property in their hands.

6. Industrial painting companies should be a member of a trade association, this shows their commitment to the paint industry.

7. Is the company licenced and insured. Make sure that the insurance covers your property and any accidents with persons not employed. Are both the licence and insurance valid?

8. Have all your bases covered in a WRITTEN contract. Such as; surfaces to be painted, preparation, time schedule, methods of painting, quality of paint, personal property protection, safety standards.

9. What type of training have workers gone through, and how long have the workers that will be working on your property been with the company?

10.Clean-up and disposal policies and methods. No one wants to be picking up after they have paid for a complete job, make sure that all equipment, trash and left over products will be removed and taken to the appropriate destination.

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