Deck Polishing & Clear Finish Deck Coatings

The surfaces of your facility require just as much attention as your walls and structures.

Our clear finish deck coating and polishing services protect your decks while improving their appearance.

You need a professionally installed high-quality floor coating system that will not only look great, but will also protect your facility’s decks for years to come. Our expert deck polishing company will get the job done efficiently with top results. 

Exceptional deck coatings let your facility shine. Naturally, a new floor coating will enhance the look of your facility and let you put your best foot forward. But there are a number of additional benefits that may not be apparent at first glance.

For concrete decks, polished concrete is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. It’s environmentally friendly — no elaborate chemicals or synthetic products are required to upgrade the look of your existing deck. You’ll also save on your electric bill, as the reflective qualities of polished concrete reduce the amount of lighting you need.

Clear finish coatings can enhance any substrate and facilitate easy cleaning while protecting your flooring from traffic and exposure damage. Our clear finish deck coating company can determine which type of coating is the best quality and value for your facility.

Our Expertise and Experience Make a Difference.

It may seem like a simple matter to slap on a top coat, but if your finishes aren’t applied professionally, you’re going to develop problems. With proper application, deck polishing and clear finish coatings should retain a lustrous appearance for years. A layer of safety can also be added during the application process if anti-slip properties are introduced.

As experienced clear finish deck coating contractors, we’re familiar with the challenges associated with commercial and industrial deck and floor coatings, and we’ll work with you to ensure minimal business interruption and maximum satisfaction. We’ll get it right the first time, without cutting corners that can lead to safety or coating degradation problems.

If your decks or flooring are showing signs of deterioration, you may benefit from a fresh, high-quality floor coating.

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