Containment Tank Linings

Keep your tank contents safe.

Tank interiors are hostile environments. A tank lining can prevent the breakdown of the substrate and contamination of its contents.

Industrial job sites often require highly specialized coatings for certain areas, such as containment tank linings. To meet regulations and safety code requirements, you need a professional tank lining company with knowledge and hands-on experience specific to your project.

What are Tank Linings?

The material used for tank linings is highly dependent on what the tank is made of and what it’s designed to contain — which can range from oil and gas, petrochemicals, food products such as flour and oils, to a multitude of caustic chemicals. Tanks are typically made of concrete, steel or polypropylene.

Containment tanks are often lined with two-part epoxies, fiberglass, polyurethane, elastomeric and other such coatings. These types of coatings are very difficult to apply correctly. The contractor must have an in-depth knowledge of the chemical mixtures involved, an understanding of the coating’s dry time, the ambient conditions both inside and outside the tank, and the ability to lay down the coating at the correct thickness to achieve the desired results.

Safety Precautions.

To work in some types of containment tanks, a professional tank lining contractor —such as Raider Painting — must have confined space entry certification, adhere to proper permit record keeping procedures, including monitoring of the air quality inside, as well as emergency exit equipment and additional safety personnel on stand-by. Safety is a top priority in these tanks, and elaborate respiration systems are sometimes needed to protect the workers.

Another type of specialty equipment that may be required for containment tanks is a negative air system. This system prevents air from leaving through normal channels —instead, it’s drawn out through a filter in order to keep overspray or contaminants from escaping the unit.

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