Roof Coatings

Sun, wind and rain can damage your roof, leading to structural damage to the rest of the building.

Our expert roof coating contractors can help keep the elements at bay.

Keep your roof in like-new condition for years. You need long-lasting protection that will keep your roof from leaking and shield the substrate from damaging UV rays.

Waterproofing is essential to the longevity of commercial roofing. The roof of your facility is highly vulnerable to water damage. If your roof develops holes or cracks, this leads to seepage that will not only form interior leaks, but will cause rust and corrosion over time that can weaken the structural integrity of the building.

Industrial and Commercial Roof Coating Services.

Elastomeric coatings are an exceptional choice for waterproofing roofs and decks. Elastomerics also have the ability to expand and contract in extreme temperatures along with the substrate, while still retaining the original shape. Elastomerics can also bridge existing small cracks or holes and keep them watertight. All in all, elastomerics are one of the best industrial roof coatings to select.

For additional protection, clear polyurethane or UV protective coatings can be applied as a top coat. These coatings prevent UV damage and prevent paint from fading in the sun, so your roof retains its aesthetic appeal.

There are also environmentally friendly roof coatings with a number of benefits. Most cool or “green” roof coatings are light in color and reflect sunlight. This combats heat buildup inside the facility and saves energy costs.

Advancements in pigmentation have made it possible for correctly applied roof coatings to better reflect the heat from the sun, both in terms of UV rays and infrared. Hot days in warm climates can see roof temperatures rising to well above 100 degrees. When that happens, it heats the inside of the building, as well, raising the cooling costs. A properly applied reflective roof coating can lower the rooftop temperature significantly, reducing the cooling costs and environmental impact of running air conditioners.

At Raider Painting, an experienced roof coating company, we understand the needs and challenges associated with commercial and industrial painting projects. We’ll work with you to design a painting solution that meets the needs of your facility, working around your schedule so your business flow is not interrupted.

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