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Premium commercial painting services for medical facilities.

When painting a healthcare facility, you need more than a typical contractor.

Sterile environments, exam rooms, operating rooms and patient areas require certain security clearances, protocols and training to ensure compliance. Additionally, you need a team that can work around your hectic schedule and deliver quick, efficient results.

The professionals at Raider Painting are fully trained and well-versed in the rigorous standards and challenges of healthcare facilities and hospitals. With extensive product knowledge and hands-on experience gained over our three decades in the industry, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver quality service for your delicate environment.

What Can We Do For You?

Preserving the indoor environment of your facility is critical to the well-being of your patients, as well as the productivity of your staff. Any type of painting project must be handled quickly, without intrusions or interruption of your patient flow.

Additionally, certain areas of the facility require specialty paint or coatings to protect sterility, prevent damage to sensitive equipment, ensure bacteria resistance, and more. Our familiarity with the products used in healthcare environments ensures that your needs will be met, and your expectations exceeded.

Some of the services we offer hospitals and healthcare facilities include:

  • Interior and exterior painting, including the use of zero or low-VOC paint, also known as “green” paint
  • Anti-static deck coatings for rooms with sensitive equipment, such as X-rays, MRI units and other imaging equipment
  • Wallcoverings for doctors’ offices and patient waiting areas
  • Machine and equipment painting to enhance and protect machinery, such as HVAC units
  • Anti-microbial and chemically resistant floor coatings
  • Steel coating to preserve the structural integrity of your facility

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