Concrete Finishes

Is your concrete dull, stained or beginning to show its age?

Raider Painting can help, with concrete finishing services that will protect your concrete surfaces and keep them in their best condition.

Concrete surfaces, decks and flooring are highly prone to corrosion and traffic damage. Our concrete finishing company can help.

Why Consider Concrete Coating?

Concrete finishes serve to coat concrete, providing it with a layer of protection that increases the lifespan of concrete surfaces and enhances their durability. More than mere paint, these specially formulated coatings can also serve to guard against graffiti, prevent slips and falls, and prevent water from seeping into tiny cracks where it can cause substrate damage.

With high-quality concrete coating services from Raider Painting, a top professional concrete finishing contractor, concrete surfaces such as roofs, floors and building exteriors will be better protected from the damaging effects of the elements as well as regular wear and tear. Our expertise with concrete clear finish coatings, concrete elastomeric coatings and coatings of all types makes Raider Painting the ultimate resource for concrete coatings and finishes.

We Offer Many Types of Concrete Finishes.

There are several types of concrete finishes that are typically used for commercial and industrial facilities. The choice of finish type often depends on interior or exterior location, along with the environmental conditions that impact the concrete surface.

For concrete decks that are dull, stained and showing signs of wear, concrete polishing services are an exceptional choice. The process of polishing concrete doesn’t require extensive remodeling. An environmentally friendly procedure, it uses no synthetic products or elaborate chemicals, but still results in a gleaming, fresh new look for your concrete floor that’s easy to clean and maintain.

A clear finish coating can also be applied to concrete floors or decks to achieve a high-gloss look. This type of coating provides excellent protection, as it doesn’t allow spilled chemicals or other corrosive substances to seep into the concrete.

Elastomeric coatings, which have superior waterproofing capabilities, are often used for exterior concrete surfaces and decks. These highly elastic coatings are able to bridge cracks in concrete and keep them from expanding, while preventing seepage. They can also expand and contract in extreme temperatures along with the substrate, while still retaining their original shape.

No matter what type of protection your concrete surfaces need, Raider Painting is a concrete finishing company with the experience and expertise necessary to produce the highest-quality results. We can keep your property and your buildings looking their best and lasting longer, thanks to our knowledge and decades of experience applying concrete finishes.

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