Non-Skid & Slip-Resistant Deck Coating

Shield Your Decks From Erosion, Degradation and Staining With Protective Deck Coatings

From balconies to pool decks to parking structures, it’s crucial to ensure that your deck surface coating is slip-resistant and free of cracks that can cause accidents. The safety of customers and employees is a top priority for any facility. Therefore, you need a long-lasting deck coating that safeguards your structure and the people who walk on it.

On top of that, these critical surfaces should also present an attractive appearance to appeal to customers. For example, the anti-skid coating by Raider Painting offers protection to traffic and elements and contributes significantly to the space’s aesthetics.

What Is Non-Skid Coating?

Non-skid coating is applied using anti-slip paint and coatings, with the addition of broadcast aggregates as required, to increase the grip of surfaces. Untreated floors can be extremely slippery if left to the elements. Therefore, they become a hazard for both customers and employees. When you are responsible for the safety of people, it’s necessary to take extra steps in securing their welfare. Applying a non-skid deck coating to your floors is a simple and effective solution for slippery surfaces.

Common Uses for Non-Skid Deck Coating

Non-skid coatings can be used in various applications, but they are primarily for high-traffic areas that are prone to slippage. Decks, ladders, pools, flooring, walkways and scaffolding are just some areas that need a non-skid coating to reduce the risk of accidents.

Anti-skid coating is also widely used on steel and aluminum substrates that are subject to corrosion. Proper coating application on steel provides corrosion protection and wear-resistant properties.

Surfaces That Can Be Treated With Anti-Skid Coating

Anti-skid coatings can be applied to a variety of materials. They work well with vinyl composition tiles, concrete, ceramic tiles, polished stone and metal decking. These coatings prevent slips and falls no matter what surface you apply them to.

How Can A Broadcast and Non-Skid Deck Coating Benefit You?

These coatings work to preserve the structural integrity of your deck by preventing water and chemicals from seeping into the concrete, which is highly important to commercial and industrial environments.

Aside from protecting your surfaces, anti-skid deck coatings provide the following benefits:

Enhances Safety

Anti-skid and traffic deck coatings enhance the safety of your deck area by preventing slippage. There are a lot of non-skid deck coating products available on the market, each with their own benefits. If you decide on implementing anti-slip measures in your establishment, the number of options available can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why doing some research first is highly beneficial.

You also have the choice to hire contractors to apply your slip-resistant deck coating for you. These experts deal with anti-skid coatings daily, and they are much more knowledgeable on which types of paint or coatings are suited to your requirements.

Ease of Maintenance

Aside from contributing to the safety of your facility, these coatings also allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance. After applying anti-skid coatings on your deck, cleaning is straightforward. Compared to concrete, it’s much easier to maintain since it doesn’t have a porous surface.

Keep in mind the following best practices in cleaning and disinfecting your anti-skid floors:

    Sweep daily

  • Wipe any spilled liquids as soon as possible
  • Use cleaning products specified for non-skid flooring
  • Clean the floor with a dense, synthetic fiber broom to avoid water streaks on the surface

Adds to Visual Appeal

While broadcast coatings promote safety and easy cleaning, they’re also beautiful deck coverings with many design possibilities. Types of broadcast coatings include sand and stone texture, mosaic and quartz chip styles and many more. No matter what broadcast coating design you have in mind, contractors can easily customize the colors and patterns according to your liking.

Your decks and parking structure are often the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your facility. However, to make the best possible impact, you need a professional team to ensure that these look as good as they function. Properly applied deck coatings effectively enhance the appearance of your facility and show that details matter to you. Raider Painting offers a range of anti-skid deck coating services and traffic deck coating services to help you achieve those objectives.

Choose The Right Contractor for Your Slip-Resistant Deck Coating Applications

Raider Painting is a premier painting company that can tackle any painting or coating project. Aside from anti-skid coatings, we also offer intumescent fire protective coatings and structural steel coatings. We have been in the business for over three decades, and our experience with countless projects means we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best service possible.

We serve industrial and commercial spaces across the U.S. Further, we travel to any location in the country upon request. Raider Painting is committed to providing top-notch coating and painting solutions, and we aim to give 100 percent satisfaction to our clientele. Whether it’s an anti-skid coating for your deck or a slip-resistant coating for your floor, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Concerned About Downtime?

Our traffic deck coating company keeps you moving. One of the primary concerns for decks and parking areas is accessibility. We schedule your project to accommodate the needs of your business and your customers, including sectioned scheduling and nights, weekends, and holiday work, to prevent interruption of your business flow.

As an experienced anti-skid deck coating company, we understand the various challenges faced by your business during painting and renovation projects. Our attention to detail and customer-centric focus is the reason we don’t just tackle jobs — we build relationships.

Let Raider Painting Handle Your Slip-Resistant Deck Coating Applications

The Raider Painting skilled team of anti-skid deck coating contractors gets the job done right every time. Let us handle your broadcast, anti-skid and traffic coating needs. Contact us today by filling out this form. You can also call 877-829-0812 to reach our Estimate Department.

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