Water & Sewage Treatment

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Water and sewage treatment facilities are unique among industrial plants. In addition to multiple regulations that govern procedures, there are stringent safety concerns that must be observed during the coating process, and highly specialized knowledge is required to complete the job correctly. With more than three decades of experience specializing in commercial and industrial projects across a wide spectrum of industries, including water and sewage treatment, the Raider Painting team has the necessary expertise to work on your facility and complete your project on time and within budget.

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Containment tanks are lined with fiberglass coating, which is very difficult to apply. Contractors that work with fiberglass coatings must possess:

  • In-depth knowledge of the chemical mixtures involved with fiberglass
  • The ability to lay the coating without bubbling, which weakens the material
  • Full understanding of the fast drying times for fiberglass coating
  • A confined tank entry certification

Prior to beginning the job, proper procedures and safety checks must be addressed depending on the conditions of the project. In addition, it is essential to apply the coating to the proper thickness to ensure full containment.

Safety is a primary concern for containment tank linings. Elaborate respiratory systems may be required to protect the workers. In some cases, negative air systems must be employed to filter the air in the tank, and to prevent contaminants and overspray from escaping the unit.

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