Gym & Fitness Center Painting

Athletic facilities are where people push themselves to the limit to achieve higher levels of performance. In these environments, everything must be geared toward helping athletes reach their goals. That’s why when it comes to painting them, not just any service will do. Owners and operators of gyms and fitness centers require contractors with the know-how and experience to deliver high-quality, high-performance coatings that will look good and hold up under some intense conditions.

This is why Raider Painting has been trusted to provide professional services to numerous gyms and athletic buildings over the years. With our comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements these buildings have, we produce the best overall results. We combine detailed knowledge of specialized paint and coating technology with tried-and-true values such as integrity and honesty. Because of this, we have been recognized as a leader in the industry since 1983.

How We Can Help

Because of our extensive capabilities and experience, we can satisfy the needs of gyms and other athletic facilities. Not only do we have the ability to provide standard paint contracting, but we also have specialized services.

For example, gym floor line painting must be done with extreme attention to detail and precise application. Choosing the right coatings to provide proper surface elasticity and skid resistance is crucial for many playing surfaces. Property owners also may want colorful and complex graphics added to their courts. With our help, even the most complicated workout facility painting projects can be accomplished on time and on budget. Whether the job requires painting a building’s exterior, resurfacing a swimming pool, applying antimicrobial coatings in a locker room or any combination, we combine the technical skill and dedication to get it done.

In addition to our offerings, we bring an exceptional safety record to everything we do. We’ve maintained an excellent reputation for protecting the health and wellness of our crews. With daily on-site checks as well as weekly meetings, we don’t leave any detail to chance. We also contract with a third-party vendor to perform random inspections to ensure all safety protocols are followed.

The Raider Painting Difference

We work closely with you on your project, no matter how large or small. This means we will do everything within our power to finish the job on time and under budget. To get a better idea, take a look at our Projects page to see some examples of jobs we’ve completed.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you.