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Raider Painting is one of the leading painting and coating contractors in the western U.S., serving industrial and commercial businesses since 1983. We have experience in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, energy and mining. On the commercial side, our many longstanding customers include retail stores and chains, HOAs that manage high rises and other condominium complexes, gyms and athletic facilities, hotels and educational institutions. In short, if it’s not a house, we’ve probably painted it.

Organizations are attracted to our commercial painting in Utah for many reasons:
  • Our commitment to safety is unsurpassed. Our crews receive 10- or 30-hour OSHA training, as well as extensive training in critical operational areas such as fall prevention and confined space access.
  • We do everything possible to accommodate your business when scheduling the job, often working on weekends or holidays to help keep your business running smoothly.
  • Our broad range of services and decades of experience make us a one-stop shop for customers who want to leave the technical details to us while they focus on their day-to-day core business activities.
  • We review your requirements carefully and honestly before accepting an assignment: We will tell you what is realistic in terms of expectations, budgets and timelines.

When we do take an assignment, the work is completed on time, within budget, and equal to or surpassing expectations

As a leading industrial and commercial painting contractor in Utah, we provide virtually all services an organization might need, including:

UV Protective Coatings. Help shield outdoor machinery, structures and building surfaces from the ravages of the Utah sun.

Comprehensive Services for Hotels. Whether you need to resurface a parking lot, waterproof-coat a pool deck, bring new life to a lobby with artistic finishes and wallpapering, or coat a kitchen floor while adhering to all FDA and other regulations, Raider Painting has you covered.

Elastomeric Coatings. Provide superior waterproofing to building exteriors and outdoor structures and surfaces. Elastomeric coatings hold up extremely well and have excellent functional characteristics for Utah weather conditions.

Maintenance Programs. We make it as convenient as possible for you to schedule routine repainting and other periodic work to keep your buildings and equipment in excellent condition.

See our work in action.

Raider Painting does work for some of the most recognized companies in the world, including AT&T, DuPont, Marriott, Union Pacific and UPS. To get an idea of our capabilities and results, please review our project portfolio, including our description of a recent project at Grand Summit in Park City.

As Utah painters with the same high standards as yours, we are eager to work with you on your next painting or coating project. Please consider us!

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