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Our three decades of experience includes tank coating work for industrial and agricultural facilities.

With any industrial project, there are certain challenges that must be met to ensure quality painting services. For tanks and tank farms, massive acreage and remote locations can present logistical problems. Storage tanks also require specialty coatings, often with difficult application processes. The professionals at Raider Painting have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience that allow us to provide exceptional work, with an emphasis on customer service.

What Can we do for You?

For your tanks and tank farms, we coat interiors to meet industry specifications, and coat exteriors to prevent leaks, corrosion and other environmental damage.

With remote locations and a lot of acreage to cover, mobilizing teams and equipment to the job site can be challenging. Raider Painting is dedicated to providing you with timely services, completing your project to your exacting specifications.

We have the specialized equipment required for interior tank coating. For exteriors, epoxy coating is often used to protect the structures. Epoxy is a durable coating that possesses superior adhesion, resistance to heat and chemicals, and waterproofing capabilities.

It’s important to note that working with two-part epoxy resins relies on precise mixtures and timing — improper application can greatly diminish the effectiveness of the coating. Our years of experience working with epoxy ensures that the job will be done right the first time.

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