Exterior Tank Coatings

Superior protection for your facility's major investments.

Professional exterior industrial tank coatings not only enhance the appearance of your facility, but also provide exceptional protection against rust and corrosion.

The tanks at your facility require more than just an attractive paint job. As essential components of your daily operations, these massive structures can become damaged through exposure to harsh environments over time. That’s why you need an exterior tank coating company on which you can rely.

The experts at Raider Painting, seasoned industrial tank painting contractors, have more than three decades of experience with a wide range of industrial and commercial projects, including tanks and tank farms. With remote locations and a lot of acreage to cover, mobilizing teams and equipment to the job site can be challenging. We understand the specialized needs of industrial environments — from corrosive conditions to tight application windows — that prevent interruption of your production schedule.

Why Treat Your Tanks?

Your tanks serve as essential, massive storage units for your facility. Since industrial tanks are freestanding structures, they are highly susceptible to damage from the elements. Water, saltwater, sunlight, wind and fluctuating temperatures all conspire to promote corrosion and oxidation, and can even weaken the structural integrity of the outer walls and supports of your tanks. Industrial tank painting combats these hostile environmental conditions.

What Coatings are Available?

Epoxy is an excellent choice for exterior tank coatings. This durable, two-part coating forms a tough, corrosion protection film that possesses superior adhesion and is also resistant to heat and chemicals. Working with epoxy coatings can be challenging, because the mixture requires precise measurement and timing. When epoxy resins are improperly prepared, their protective capability is greatly diminished.

Elastomeric is another commonly used coating for tank exteriors because it provides a protective, flexible barrier between the tank’s exterior and environmental damage. Additionally, rust inhibiting primers like DTM as well as UV protective polyurethane top coats are just some of the other specialty coatings available for tank exteriors.

Our years of experience working with epoxy and other specialty coatings ensures that your industrial facility will receive the maximum benefit and retain its aesthetic appeal for years to come.

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