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Proper surface preparation is critical to the success of any coatings application.

Why is surface preparation so important? For any commercial or industrial painting project, the groundwork determines the final outcome. Hasty or sloppy surface prep will result in a substandard finished product that will begin to crack, flake or peel away soon after completion — especially in harsh industrial environments, where durability is a vital characteristic for any coating.

What Surface Prep Looks Like.

Surface preparation contractors offer different types of surface prep; which one is employed in any given situation depends on the needs of the project, condition and the material of the substrate, and the desired coating being applied.

Common surface blasting and prep methods include:

Shot blasting, which is typically used for concrete floors. This involves forcing various sizes of metal beads at high velocity onto the surface. The beads are then vacuumed for re-use.

Sand blasting is similar to shot blasting, but sand or other types of abrasive media are used. This method is commonly employed for masonry or steel surfaces.

Water blasting is used to clean dirt and contaminants from surfaces. Following a water blast, water-soluble sealants may be applied to penetrate damp concrete, which allows it to be sealed and retain its natural color.

Diamond grinding refers to grinding concrete surfaces with diamond blades in order to remove the top layer of concrete and level the surface.

Floor leveling or sloping is the application of a concrete masonry product that flows over an existing surface to create a new, level surface.

Hand tool prep involves using blades, scrapers, and wire brushes for small or difficult-to-reach areas, or for minor surface preparation work.

The right groundwork … and so much more. As one of the industry’s leading surface preparation companies, Raider Painting has the extensive knowledge and hands-on experience that enables us to properly prepare any kind of surface for all types of coatings, with consistently superior results.

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