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Our team of expert intumescent coating contractors can help you bring a higher level of safety to your building.

Fire protective coatings, also called intumescent coatings, are unique in their ability to combat fire. Fire protective coatings slow the spread of fire, allowing time for everyone to get out safely in the event of disaster.

When exposed to heat, these coatings increase in volume and decrease in density, forming a layer of charring that is not heat conductive. In this way, they slow the spread of fire while providing some protection to the structure beneath the coating.

Some intumescent coatings also contain components such as graphite, hydrates and sodium silicates, which release water vapor when heated and produce a rapid cooling effect that strengthens the char.

Typical structures that require intumescent coatings include:

  • Second floor or higher in buildings
  • Underground facilities
  • Parking garages
  • Buildings in close proximity to each other

Types of Intumescent Coating Services.

There are essentially two types of intumescent fireproofing: hard char and soft char. They approach fireproofing in different ways and have different purposes, but both can be helpful in slowing down the advance of an out-of-control fire.

Soft Char Fireproofing

Soft char fireproofing is often the most common commercial and industrial painting solution, and certainly the most visible type that is used. This is the best type of intumescent coating for steel. These types of intumescent are designed to expand in the presence of heat and produce a light char over an exposed surface. The soft char can keep a fire from heating the substrate, usually steel, to instability for as long as 30 minutes to over three and a half hours.

Hard Char Intumescent

Hard char intumescents, on the other hand, tend to be used inside of areas like pipes. They’re designed to be more substantial than soft char variants. When exposed to heat, hard char intumescents melt and solidify into a hard substance similar to an epoxy that can create an impromptu firewall to prevent fire from traveling through pipes to other areas. Hard char intumescents also keep the pipes from bursting due to the heat.

Proper application is the key to the effectiveness of fire-resistant coating for steel. Specific compatible, manufacturer-designated primers must be used, and multiple coats must be applied to achieve the proper fire rating. At Raider Painting, our extensive product knowledge and hands-on experience assure that your intumescent fireresistant  paint for steel will work as intended.

Intumescent paint for steel and other surfaces serve as excellent barriers to the spread of devastating fire and can play a critical role in saving lives as well as structures. Raider Painting can provide complete capabilities for these, including intumescent paint inspection. Click here to learn about our full range of services, then get in touch with us to request an estimate for your project.

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