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We provide Heat Protection to Surfaces Hotter than Death Valley

Industrial processes are procedures involving physical, mechanical, chemical or electrical steps to aid in the preparation or manufacture of substances, materials or items needed for business, usually carried out on an enormous scale. Industrial processes also usually — but not always — involve a lot of heat. That heat can be very destructive and degrade or detrimentally impact your investments and machinery.

What are Heat Resistant Coatings?

Heat resistant coating is developed to protect surfaces that are exposed to extreme heat. Generally, they are designed to resist flame, smoke, grease and rust. The coating can come in different colors, but mostly they are black, white and gray. High temperature coatings for steel can resist temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius.  

The ability of high heat resistant coatings to tolerate extreme heat can keep your assets looking great. From power transport towers in the baking sun to hot, hazardous chemical refineries and busy manufacturers, industrial processes are the foundation of heavy industry, infrastructure and much of modern technology, which is why high temperature coatings for steel and other materials are so important.

Heat Resistant Coating for Steel and other Metal

Most industrial processes operate in aggressive environments characterized by high pressure and high temperature in an oxidizing and corroding atmosphere. The metal alloys of industrial equipment do not have adequate levels of vital chemical elements that protect the service life of the machinery parts. Therefore, the apparent solution to impart a stronger resistance to oxidation and corrosion is to apply surface treatment to the steel components.

Heat resistant coatings shrug off the heat presented by extreme environments, including the exterior of industrial smokestacks, smelters, industrial ovens, kilns, etc. Heat resistant coating for metal can be tailored to meet the requirements for environmental resistance.

The attributes of heat resistant coating systems are determined mainly by the constituent binders, pigments and fillers. Heavy industrial, manufacturing and energy facilities find that high temperature coatings improve and prolong the life of their machinery and vital infrastructure, allowing facilities to save on maintenance and replacement costs.

Typical High Temperature Coatings Applications

Common high temperature coating for steel applications include machinery, smokestacks, pipes and vents from the following industries:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aerospace parts manufacturing
  • Recycling facilities
  • Refineries
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Petrochemical plants

What is the Difference Between Heat Resistant and Intumescent?

Heat resistant coating systems are the ideal solution for extreme environments. But they are seldom confused with intumescent coatings, which are also applied to surfaces for heat resistance. While both serve the same purpose, the two applications differ slightly in how they work.

High temperature coatings maintain their finish at high temperatures, while intumescents swell under heat, adding oxygen and insulation to their substance to reduce the risk of a fire spreading. Intumescents serve as a firebreak, making it ideal for the offices and workspaces in the surrounding environment.

Choose Raider Painting for your Heat Resistant Coating for Metal Applications

You can keep your hot equipment, surfaces and environments looking pristine by applying heat resistant coating for metal. But when choosing a professional for your high temperature coating for steel applications, it’s crucial to pick the one with a wealth of experience in the industry.

Raider Painting is a premier company that provides commercial and industrial painting and coating applications. We provide solutions to enhance and prolong the life of your workspaces and equipment.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Raider Painting for your high temperature epoxy coating application:

Industry Experience

Raider Painting has been in service since 1983, and our professional team has numerous years of extensive experience with a wide scale of facilities. Over our three decades in operation, we have worked on thousands of commercial, industrial, and governmental projects. When you partner with Raider Painting, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our employees are certified in application, product usage and compatibility, surface preparation and chemical safe handling.

Thorough Application Process

At Raider Painting, we use a unique process and paint product that is designed to withstand and adapt to temperatures hot enough to spontaneously combust paper or turn pennies into puddles. Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons heat resistant coatings fail is when they are expected to perform outside the range they were made to tolerate. Rest assured that this issue won’t happen if you collaborate with us. 

Our professional team ensures the use of proper high-quality coating for every surface we work with. Before starting a project, we conduct a thorough inspection of the facility to get an on-the-ground look at things. This assessment allows us to identify the areas that need to be covered or any issues that need to be addressed. During our inspection, we will discuss with you the project’s budget, timeline and materials required. All the information gathered during this initial visit is used to produce the final proposal for your review.

Unparalleled Dedication

We aim to provide the highest level of service to all our clients. Therefore, our work only ends when you are 100 percent satisfied with the project’s outcome. Raider Painting’s supervisors are with you every step of the way to ensure the seamless progress of the high temperature coatings for steel application.

Contact Raider Painting Today

Not all heat resistant coatings are created equal – so partner with the best contractor to choose the best one for you. 

Raider Painting is a coating company that can help you take some of that heat off your industrial or commercial structures. For information about how our high temperature coating services might help improve the finish of your facility, give us a call at 877-724-3371 or fill out our online form

Aside from high temperature coatings, we also offer deck and floor coatings, structural steel coatings and elastomeric coatings. Our painting and coating services are available coast to coast, and we offer no-obligation consultations to establish your unique needs.

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