Industrial Painting Contractors

Industrial painting for your schedule, budget and standards.

Raider Painting provides solutions that preserve your biggest investments.

With vast experience in industrial projects, the experts at Raider Painting understand the needs of industrial facilities like yours. You need the work completed in a timely manner, on a schedule that allows you to continue production uninterrupted. You also need an industrial painting company that works within your budget, without last-minute surprises that will cost you more than anticipated.

Finally, you need someone to do the job right the first time, with the high-quality standards and industry specifications your facility requires. At Raider Painting, we offer all this and more, backed by our extensive experience and dedication to excellence.

What can Industrial Painting Contractors do for you?

Due to their often harsh environments, industrial facilities require more than just a regular paint job. Industrial painting and coating should protect your building and equipment from heavy traffic, chemical spills, corrosion, heat and water damage, and erosion due to the elements.

Our industrial painting contractors company is dedicated to preserving your investment while also boosting the aesthetic appeal of your facility. Through hands-on experience, we’ve gained a vast breadth of knowledge regarding which coatings are optimal for different types of substrates under various operating conditions. We’ll implement a painting solution that will protect your structure and machinery for years, while retaining a fresh new look.

Superior Painting Contractors for the Industrial Sector.

Commercial and industrial painting has little in common with house painting. When you need work done on your facility, you can’t rely on just any painter. You need an industrial painting contractor with the experience, skills and knowledge required to see a massive industrial project through from start to finish, while maintaining a high quality of service.

The experts at Raider Painting have more than three decades of experience in a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. We understand the specialized needs of industrial facilities, including time and budget constraints, and we’re committed to providing outstanding work backed by exceptional customer service.

What can an Industrial Painting Contractor do for you?

Whether you operate a small machine shop or a 1,000,000+ sq. ft. warehouse, exceptional industrial floor painting contractors like Raider Painting can assess the best painting solution for your facility — one that will enhance the cosmetic appearance while also protecting your buildings and equipment.

In any industrial facility, there are primary areas of concern. Floors and decks suffer from heavy traffic and corrosive spills, machinery undergoes wear and tear through frequent use, and the exterior elements — from walls and roofs to tanks and cranes — can be damaged by exposure to harsh weather.

Among our industrial painting services for industrial facilities are:

  • Waterproofing and weatherproofing
  • Corrosion control
  • Roof and exterior wall coatings
  • Interior painting
  • Steel structural coatings
  • Pipe and tank coatings
  • Industrial floor painting
  • Concrete finishing
  • Polyurethane and UV protective coatings
  • Heavy machinery painting

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