Elastomeric Coatings

Got leaks? An elastomeric waterproof coating is among the top choices for exterior painting.

This type of coating is the ideal solution for protecting a building’s exterior from the elements, while keeping it looking like new for years to come.

No matter what the surrounding climate, your facilities are subjected to tremendous amounts of strain through exposure to the elements. Water seepage can cause significant structural damage and decay, while extreme temperatures and wind fades and cracks your facade.

Elastomerics are among the most frequently used types of coatings for commercial and industrial applications. These rubberized coatings have strong water-resistant properties, which make them flexible enough to allow trapped moisture to escape the building’s structure without affecting the adhesion of the coating.

The unique properties of these highly flexible coatings make them a superior choice for waterproofing, with 100 percent elongation that allows them to bridge surface cracks and shift with structural movement to keep the cracks from reappearing. Some types of elastomeric coatings may even help to prevent small cracks and holes from worsening.

Elastomeric Coating for Stucco and Other Surfaces.

Distinctive properties make elastomeric coatings the perfect choice for masonry, stucco and concrete surfaces. Their high degree of flexibility allows them to stretch and return to their original shape without becoming distorted as they’re subjected to the extreme temperatures prevalent in industrial environments. This keeps the coating from cracking and allows it to retain its superior protection qualities. An elastomeric concrete coating (or elastomeric masonry coating) will give those surfaces a considerably longer lifespan.

Elastomerics also work well for other types of industrial surfaces, particularly where seepage can be a destructive problem.

Raider Painting is an industry-leading elastomeric coating contractor. We understand the environmental stresses your facility faces and are highly knowledgeable in the various types of waterproof coatings. Our experts will consult with you to determine whether elastomeric coatings are the right choice for your facility.

Contact Raider Painting for water- and weatherproofing, and so much more. Trust the professionals for all of your commercial and industrial painting and coating needs. Our extensive experience and attention mean you get a meticulous product along with outstanding customer service.

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