Unmatched Elastomeric Deck Waterproofing and Floor Coating Service

Got leaks? You may need to waterproof.

Elastomeric deck coatings are an ideal choice for waterproofing and are perfect for masonry, stucco and concrete surfaces experiencing the effects of water intrusion.

To prevent degrading water damage to your structure, you need a protective deck coating that offers superior protection, and you should only have it applied by a professional waterproof deck coating team like Raider Painting.

What is an Elastomeric Coating?

Elastomerics are among the most popular types of coatings used in commercial and industrial settings. What are elastomeric coatings? As the name implies, this coating has elastic qualities that allow it to expand and contract along with the substrate under extreme temperatures, while still retaining its shape. Additionally, elastomeric coatings can bridge small, pre-existing cracks in substrates and prevent them from expanding, while providing an excellent barrier against the moisture and heat that can damage the structural integrity of your deck and flooring, all while enhancing aesthetic appeal.

While elastomerics are particularly beneficial for concrete, stucco and masonry — where the absence of a smooth surface often promotes chipping and cracking — this coating is also beneficial for any type of deck coating. Raider Painting, an experienced deck waterproofing company, has applied elastomeric coatings to a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects over decades, producing exceptionally satisfying results. Consult with us, and we’ll help you determine whether elastomeric coatings will meet the needs of your facility.

Benefits of Elastomeric Waterproof Deck Coating

Why do you need elastomeric deck coatings? Your decks and floors are subjected to a tremendous amount of wear and tear, caused by foot and mechanical traffic and exposure to the elements. Over time, even the best-built deck will start to look dull, dirty and stained. The surface will also become chipped or cracked. These imperfections are widened through water seepage, and this can eventually lead to serious damage and degradation that requires expensive remodeling and replacement.

Enhance the appearance of your facility while protecting your investment with a fresh elastomeric coating. The professionals at Raider Painting work regularly with all types of specialty coatings for commercial and industrial facilities. With nearly four decades of hands-on experience and in-depth product knowledge, you can rely on us to apply elastomeric correctly the first time, for long-lasting protection and fantastic aesthetics.

Expert Elastomeric Waterproofing Services

At Raider Painting, we use elastomeric coating as an above-grade exterior protective layer applied to decks. It’s estimated that this material is approximately ten times the thickness of any protective paint. The elastomeric compounds we use are incredibly thick, yet they remain relatively flexible after application, perfect for adding protection to your deck’s exterior.

With the proper and expert application of a matching elastomeric coating, our on-site crew will create a waterproof seal on the designated area.

Elastomeric coating is available in smooth and textured options. Just like conventional types of paint, a smooth elastomeric coating can display a matte appearance or a satin sheen. Textured coatings are also an option – an elastomeric deck coating can be applied with a variety of patterns. Often, a textured pattern is useful for disguising or camouflaging imperfections in the surface of a substrate or for achieving a specific aesthetic for branding or decorative purposes.

One of the greatest advantages of elastomeric deck coatings is their high degree of color retention. Elastomeric coatings can be tinted to any color of your choice. Pastels and earth tones are often preferred in many cases because these colors are highly suitable for exterior surfaces.

Elastomeric Deck Coating Designed to Last

Adding a protective coating to your deck is essential for proper facility maintenance. Your deck is an essential part of your workspace, and Elastomeric deck coating protects it from the elements, which is excellent for outdoor spaces. Raider Painting isn’t your ordinary contractor, we are a highly skilled team who conducts all our work ourselves. Further, we are adept at applying waterproof deck coatings of various preferences.

Heat, wet weather and other changes in temperature will cause wooden decks to expand. If left unchecked, it can cause rotting and splitting of the underlying substrate. In addition, wood changes size, expanding and contracting with heat and rain. Our on-site crew will apply the right amount of elastomeric waterproofing coating on these critical target areas.

Once the elastomeric deck waterproofing has dried, it will bond with the wood deck and naturally form a protective film. As a result, you won’t see chips or cracks on the coating, and it preserves the natural beauty of the wooden deck. Further, this type of coating is 100 percent waterproof, and it prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Because of this feature, elastomeric is beneficial during winter since they prevent wooden decks from becoming slippery, which can occur to untreated wood.

Top-Notch Elastomeric Floor Coating Services

Concrete floors tend to absorb a lot of heat when exposed to the elements. For this reason, elastomeric floor coatings are the perfect solution for outdoor flooring or any commercial or industrial floor space that’s usually exposed to the elements.

An elastomeric floor coating also stays firm and won’t crack upon impact. We recommend it for industrial applications where high foot traffic and heavy machinery may cause stress fractures. It is a thick, high-fill paint that is flexible and stretchable, so it is ideal at bridging non-structural cracks, joints or defects from hairline up to about 1/16-inch wide. Larger cracks require joint preparation and application of a compatible joint sealant. Doing so keeps the floor surface bonded and aids in preventing previous damage from reoccurring.

We understand that this type of flooring is suited to various needs, which is why we take the time to discuss the best options that will fit your budget. Our representatives will be happy to go over the cost versus quality of elastomeric with you. Surface preparation is a crucial step to ensure the durability and longevity of any type of coating, including Elastomeric polymers. Our experts identify and repair cracks and seams, cleaning and drying surfaces to ensure successful adhesion. At Raider Painting, we have a highly skilled onsite crew specializing in the application of specialty coatings like Elastomeric coatings.

Expert Elastomeric Waterproofing and Deck Coating Services

Our on-site team at Raider Painting has nearly four decades of experience handling elastomeric and other protective coatings. This type of coating is very different from conventional paints, which is why you need expert painters to apply it on different surfaces. Our technicians perform thorough on-site inspections first to determine the current state of the substrate. Our team identifies all problem areas such as blisters, cracks, open seams and other deficiencies. We will then recommend a comprehensive solution to achieve the desired results.

Depending on the condition of your facility’s surface, we can apply a combination of solutions such as repairing seams, priming, sweeping and Elastomeric caulking filling gaps and cracks larger than 1/16th of an inch. Following a complete surface preparation process, our specialists will then proceed with the application of Elastomeric coating.

Our team provides you with a full spectrum of painting and coating services, which you can find here. Call today for an estimate, and we will discuss your elastomeric coating needs and other possible solutions.

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