Decorative & Stained Floor Coating Services

Update the look of your facility with our decorative flooring that can attract new customers.

First impressions count, and a great-looking floor can go a long way toward creating a lasting impact when prospective customers or clients enter your facility. Dynamic decorative floor finishes or stained floor coatings can breathe new life into a commercial building.

So, upgrade the appearance of your facility with our decorative flooring that is finished to your specifications and can attract new customers.

Types of Decorative Floor Coatings for Stained Floor

There are a number of commercial floor coatings that bring both form and function to your facility. Many facilities opt for a membrane system, where tough layers of elastomeric or epoxy materials are coated with polyurethane for color retention. This type of flooring is often used for patios, pool decks and other outdoor applications. It is an exceptional choice for heavily trafficked areas where waterproofing, UV protection and/or aesthetics are important.

Dynamic Floor Coatings for Decorative Floors

For an elegant, upscale appearance, consider a flake broadcast floor coating, which creates an attractive flecked style using embedded multi-colored chips and high-performance epoxy resin for strengthening purposes. This decorative flooring style can also be modified by using grains of colored quartz instead of chips. Broadcast floors can also be applied with features that enhance the safety of your floor by providing a slip coefficient.

Of course, there is also the option of a painted floor, which can include color patterns, graphics, logos or a solid color. One popular option is decorative concrete finishes, which for a much lower price tag, can create the look of stone, cobblestone or wood floors. This material offers superior protection and maintenance properties.

Whatever decorative floor coating services you need, the professionals at Raider Painting will ensure that your decorative deck coating project is done right the first time.

Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating

Our onsite crew prepares concrete surfaces to remove contaminants by surface blasting with water. This process also prepares the surface for the application so the coating will have a better profile to stick onto the commercial floor.

After that, our team can apply a decorative epoxy floor coating in different colors to match the theme of your facility’s decor. This type of decorative concrete floor coating can reduce damage caused by heavy machinery and is resistant to many chemicals. In addition, it’s environmentally friendly, easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Benefits of a Decorative Concrete Floor Coating

Dynamic floor coatings provide a layer of protection for your floors, making floor surfaces more durable. Using a durable floor coating benefits facilities with floors prone to scratching due to the movement of machinery, such as factories and production areas. You save money on maintenance and repairs with a durable, long-lasting coated surface.

Our team at Raider Painting can apply different types of epoxy and acrylic coatings to seal decorative concrete floors to provide a level of waterproofing, making them moisture-proof. This prevents unsightly stains and damage from different chemicals that might spill on your floor. Moisture-proofing your floors also prevents them from warping, which reduces the necessity for maintenance.

Our crew will also work closely with you, helping you to choose decorative patterns, textures and colors that work best for your facility. We can provide elegant options that suit your taste and satisfy your overall vision.

We can also provide you with decorative coatings that perfectly reflect light, a variety of stains, etched looks, polished surface textures and stamped patterns. In addition, we can offer a variety of customizations that can boost the mood in your facility.

At Raider Painting, we also provide our clients with eco-friendly coating solutions. We can stain and seal floor surfaces, so you don’t need to install any additional material, like wooden floorboards, carpets and planks, that will end up being thrown into a landfill.

In addition, we also offer cost-effective coating solutions for your business. We provide you with durable and low-maintenance coatings that can fit your budget.

Rely on Raider Painting’s Expertise and Experience

When appearances matter, trust our decorative floor coating company. The expert team at Raider Painting has years of experience with all types of commercial and industrial floor coatings. We pay attention to the details, and we deliver exceptional finished projects. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. So if your facility’s flooring is starting to fade, or if you’re ready for an upgrade that will boost your building interior’s overall appearance — and impress your customers — we can do the job.

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