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Expert commercial vinyl wallcovering that precisely captures your vision.

You need seasoned professionals to precisely cover your walls and achieve an exceptional look.

Whether you want a particular appearance for your facility, or you’re looking to hide minor surface imperfections, there are many types of commercial wall coverings available. They range from sturdy vinyl to delicate foil. Some wall coverings, such as acoustical, combine both form and function, while others are intended purely for aesthetic purposes.

No matter which type of wall covering is used in your facility, proper application is critical to the success of the project. Without surface preparation to remove existing coverings and address imperfections, the covering won’t adhere correctly and will lead to peeling and cracking early in the life of the wall covering.

Furthermore, many wall coverings are highly artistic in nature and must be hung with exact alignment in order to achieve a uniform look. Most wall covering is expensive, so if the project isn’t done right the first time, your expenses will skyrocket when you have to get the walls redone.

Need Specialty Artistic Finishes to Impress Your Most Discerning Clients?

Faux and artistic finishes may fit the bill. Faux finishes mimic the look of fine marble, tile or ceramic — different shades and styles of paint are used to “fool the eye” into perceiving richer, more impressive surface materials and textures.

The art of faux and artistic finishes is often incredibly lovely to look at, and the cost of adding these special touches to your property’s walls, ceiling and floors can be much lower than you might expect. Foyers and hallways are excellent places for these artistic painting techniques, as they are public, high-traffic places; the right faux finishes will add value to a facility by enhancing its beauty.

Our professional team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in working with commercial vinyl wallcoverings and artistic finishes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, settling for nothing less than your complete satisfaction. While other contractors use shortcuts that might save a little time or money but result in a flawed finished product, we never cut corners.

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