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Whether you want to update your interior to look unique and professional or you’re looking to hide minor surface imperfections, there are many types of commercial wallcoverings available. There is a wide variety of textures and patterns, making them popular in commercial applications.

What Are Artistic Coverings?

An artistic vinyl wallcovering is a type of wall finish that can be used in commercial spaces. They range from sturdy vinyl to delicate foil. Some wallcoverings, such as acoustical, combine both form and function, while others are intended purely for aesthetic purposes.

Types of Wallcoverings

There are several types of commercial vinyl wallcovering options that are used in commercial places. However, the following are the most commonly used:

  • Vinyl coated paper – Wallcoverings made with a paper substrate coated with a decorative surface made of acrylic-type vinyl.
  • Fabric backed vinyl – Wallcoverings that are made with fabric or artificial substrate laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface.
  • Paperbacked and solid sheet vinyl – Wallcoverings that are constructed with a paper substrate laminated to a solid decorative surface.

Choose the Wallcovering Expert Team at Raider Painting

No matter which type of wallcovering is used in your facility, proper application is critical to the project’s success. Without good surface preparation to remove existing coverings and address imperfections, the covering won’t adhere properly and will lead to peeling and cracking early in the life of the wallcovering.

Furthermore, many wallcoverings are highly artistic and must be hung with exact alignment to achieve a uniform look. Most wall covering is expensive, so if the project isn’t done right the first time, your expenses will skyrocket when you have to get the walls redone. This is why you need seasoned professionals to precisely cover your walls and achieve an exceptional look.

Raider Painting is one of the leading wallcovering companies in the continental U.S. Our professional team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in working with commercial vinyl wallcoverings and artistic finishes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, settling for nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Need Commercial Vinyl Wallcovering To Impress Your Most Discerning Clients?

Wallcoverings that mimic marble, murals and other eye-catching designs may fit the bill. These wallcoverings create a more impressive texture, which add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your commercial space. Using commercial vinyl wallcovering is a cost effective solution that can add a natural charm to impress your discerning customers.

Foyers and hallways are excellent places to place these wallcoverings since they are public,  and high-traffic areas. The right finishes will add value to a facility by enhancing its beauty.

Benefits Of Artistic Wallcoverings

A wall is a blank canvas for you to design and customize. Whatever your preferences, wallcoverings can give you the result you desire. The following are the top benefits of commercial vinyl wallcovering:

Enhances The look

Businesses need to find a way to enhance their indoor spaces to impress customers and set themselves apart from the competition. If you own a commercial establishment, artistic coverings can transform your space instantly. Wallcoverings can be used to cover a wall entirely or applied as an accent to add interest to the interior design.

Adds Texture

A good design combines visual and tactile elements to create a unique space. Texture gives the area more dimension. By applying the right textures to some regions of the room, you can effectively make a small space look larger and vice versa. 

With commercial vinyl wallcovering, you don’t have to create a statement wall to achieve an exciting design. What sets it apart from regular paint is that it is already preloaded with design and texture. This makes the application of wallcovering easier, even for an artistic and intricate look.

Many Design Options

Whether you want wallcoverings that mimic bricks, wood or any texture you can imagine, wallcovering professionals can turn your interior into a space that best suits your needs, brand or team. Just talk to your team lead about your design plans, and together with their crew they will make sure that your vision will come to life.


Professional wallcovering is highly durable. With proper maintenance, commercial vinyl wallcovering can last longer than paint. Artistic coverings can retain their visual appeal for up to 15 years!

Partner With Raider Painting: One Of The Best Wallcovering Companies In The Country

Raider Painting is a company that has provided painting and coating services for over three decades across multiple industries. Our wallcovering team will always find the right solution to solve your problem while maintaining a reputation of honesty, integrity and safety. When it comes to commercial wallcovering applications, we are the perfect team for the job.

The following are the top reasons why you should partner with Raider Painting for your commercial vinyl wallcovering project:

Extensive Experience

Our team has numerous years of hands-on experience applying artistic wallcoverings for countless commercial spaces. We believe that a company is only as good as its people, which is why Raider Painting has so many long-term employees. Our primary managers and supervisors have been with us for over 20 years.

Attention to Detail

We want your project to progress without any issues. For this reason, our team works tirelessly to provide detailed service to all those we serve. As a result, we ensure that there are no loose ends, and you are 100 percent satisfied by completing the project.

Dedicated Partner

When you choose Raider Painting, you can expect a dedicated partner with you every step of the way. From consultation to the conclusion, our team is always prepared to answer any questions and immediately address issues that may arise.

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