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When your facility needs fresh paint, you can’t hire just any ordinary house painter. Why? Simply put, a warehouse or business complex is not like an ordinary house. Large-scale facilities often have large-scale needs — from specialized coatings to sensitive construction timelines to strict regulatory requirements. That’s why, for commercial painting jobs, you need painting contractors in Sacramento that are well-acquainted with the unique demands involved with industrial and/or commercial facilities such as yours — so they can complete your job with excellence.

A little bit about Raider Painting.

As nationwide professionals specializing in painting commercial and industrial facilities, Raider Painting brings three decades of experience to the table. Since our founding, we have served clients throughout Sacramento and around the country with prompt, professional painting service that exceeds expectations. From applying industrial-grade DTM (direct-to-metal) steel structural coatings to applying deck coatings in machine rooms, we provide the kind of services that protect and extend the life of our clients’ facilities. We believe in exceptional service, meticulous quality and competitive quotes — regardless of your painting or coating needs.

Exterior and interior painting services in Sacramento.

What defines quality painting is a dedication to excellence. At Raider Painting, we’re committed to completing projects in such a way that you can take pride in the job, not to mention feel good about protecting your facility from operational or environmental damage.

How can we help you? Here’s a sampling of the services we offer our Sacramento clients:

  • Interior and exterior wall painting
  • Environmentally friendly coatings
  • Chemically resistant deck coatings
  • Steel structural coatings
  • Tank coatings
  • Waterproofing services
  • Weatherproofing services
  • Elastomeric and epoxy coatings
  • Concrete polishing
  • Wallcovering and wallpaper hanging
  • Machinery and equipment painting
  • Deck, floor and roof coatings
  • Fire protective and intumescent coatings

Why choose Raider Painting?

Your facility deserves the best professional painting services — delivered on time, on budget and to your specifications. That’s why clients choose Raider Painting.

Consider some of the benefits that come from choosing us:

  • A team of seasoned commercial painting contractors
  • Fully OSHA compliant
  • LEED AP project managers and estimators
  • Capabilities to help with practically any painting or coating project
  • Familiarity with meeting strict regulatory or FDA requirements
  • A track record of efficiency and on-time projects
  • A history of satisfied clients — view testimonials!
  • Member of California Chamber of Commerce
  • NACE Level 1 & 2 Certified Coatings Inspectors

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