Polyurethane & UV Protective Coatings

It's essential to preserve your facility’s new look.

Protective coatings not only keep your paint from fading, peeling and cracking, but also heighten the aesthetic appeal by providing a high-gloss finish.

Our polyurethane coating company can help you keep your structures looking like new.

Polyurethane and UV protective coatings are applied on top of commercial and industrial coatings to protect the base coating from harmful UV rays, which cause colors to fade over time. UV rays can also cause chalking, which leads to the deterioration of the substrate coating.

Polyurethane Coating Services and UV Coating Services.

Protective coatings provide color and shine to exteriors and interiors, while also repelling or resisting water; sometimes, they may also help to provide thermal protection to rooftops. Today’s protective coatings are designed for myriad purposes. They may be used to coat concrete floors, or to cover and protect an epoxy coating on a water tank’s exterior. Some protective coatings simply appear to be paints with typical gloss, matte or semi-matte finishes. However, these high-tech coatings offer hidden benefits that help you to protect your investment over the long term.

Additional Benefits of Clear Coatings.

Protective clear top coatings help to guard against wear and tear. These coatings are commonly applied to commercial flooring and decks, particularly in highly trafficked areas or to outdoor steel structures.

Another benefit to polyurethane coatings is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Because they are high gloss coatings, spills and stains can be easily wiped away without damaging the paint or the surface beneath. Superior resistance to wind, water and pollution will allow your property to be maintained more easily; the right protective coatings can save you time and money.

Surface preparation is also a vital aspect of a coating’s adhesion, durability and longevity. These superior protective coatings also need precise mixing and application in order to function for their intended purpose.

The experts at Raider Painting are experienced in all areas of commercial and industrial painting, from protective coatings to interior and exterior painting, waterproofing, machinery painting, and so much more.

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