10 Ways to Ensure Your Tank Lining Project is Successful – Part 1

March 30, 2009

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Storage tank installation, repair and maintenance are often considered high-profile facility projects because of the possibility of tank failure should inferior methods are used. Structural defects in the tank can lead to leakages that can potentially harm the environment and, worse, put human lives at risk. Tank failures can accumulate large amounts of direct and indirect costs, and even lead to civil and criminal penalties to facility owners who can be charged with possible non-compliance with tank safety regulations.

To safeguard storage tanks and uphold their structural reliability, tank lining projects should be effectively implemented for remedial and maintenance reasons, taking into account several critical success factors listed below:

1. Hire only the most qualified tank lining contractors

Entrust critical tank lining projects to experienced and certified painting contractors, preferably with industry-recognized licenses and certifications, to ensure the proper design and implementation of the project.

2. Put together the most optimal project implementation plan

The tank lining project should be designed with the best strategy appropriate for the project. This involves an in-depth planning taking many factors into consideration, from tank specifications, materials to be used, and tank lining procedure, among others.

The next blog will discuss three more ways to ensure that the tank lining project is a success, from diligent inspections, proper documentation, and tank specifications.

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