10 Ways to Ensure Your Tank Lining Project is Successful – Part 4

April 2, 2009

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Continued: 10 Ways to Ensure Your Tank Lining Project is Successful

The use of proper equipments and materials, proper site and surface preparation, and implementation of the correct tank lining process by skilled and fully-qualified painting contractors are some of the ways to assure success in the tank lining project, as discussed in the previous blog.

The last two critical factors in the success of the tank lining project are listed below:

9. Establish quality control and assurance systems

To be able to measure the level of quality of the work done in the tank lining project, there must be an effective system for quality control and assurance. This quality control system provides a means to quantify and interpret the results of quality testings. As in any project management activities, a well-established quality assurance system will assure both the facility manager and the painting contractors that the project is achieving its goals and objectives at every key milestone in the project.

10. Implement a post-project monitoring plan

To sustain the viability of the tank lining project and with an eye into the future, continuous monitoring of the tank is essential. A monitoring and response plan should be created as a future guarantee, all the time complying with protection standards and safety requirements. Long after the tank lining project has been completed, the monitoring plan should be implemented to assure the continued structural integrity of the tank. It is also advisable for monitoring equipments to be installed to monitor the tank from there on.

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