10 Ways to Ensure Your Tank Lining Project is Successful – Part 2

March 31, 2009

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Continued: 10 Ways to Ensure Your Tank Lining Project is Successful

As discussed in the previous blog, to guarantee the structural integrity of storage tanks facility managers should call on the most qualified painting contractors to implement tank lining projects successfully. Aside from hiring certified painting contractors and designing the best project plan, listed below are more of the critical ways to ensure tank lining project success:

3. Conduct accurate inspections

Exterior and interior tank inspections should be performed by qualified third-party and in-project inspectors to determine the structural condition of the tank at all stages of the tank lining project. The inspections should be comprehensive and follow industry guidelines for safety compliance.

4. Implement an updated and accurate documentation

All information on the work done on the tank, including inspection and test results, should be recorded in writing. The value of conscientious documentation is that facility managers and painting contractors get a complete view of the tank’s structural condition at all stages of the tank lining project, thereby providing better interventions that can be implement to prevent a possible tank failure.

5. Determine tank specifications

Gather relevant details about the tank, such as the material it is made of, its purpose, content, location, and size. The information about the tank is useful in coming up with the most appropriate processes, materials and equipments to use in lining the tank.

The next blog will discuss three more ways to guarantee a successful tank lining project, from the right tools and materials, project preparations, and the tank lining process itself.

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