2012 Paint Color Trends

January 1, 2012

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Paint Hues Drawn from the American Landscape

Curious about what paint colors will be in fashion this year? Stop wondering: color experts at the Paint Quality Institute, say that in 2012, inspiration for paint colors will come from the natural colors of the American landscape.

This year, color trends lean towards paint colors that are drawn from the hues found in native plants and flowers, oceans and lakes, and rocks and minerals.

If you’re considering repainting your building’s interior, you need look no further than the great American outdoors for inspiration. Following are some things to consider:

Blue — In 2011 the Jewel of the Sea Blues grew in popularity and will continue to be much in demand for 2012. According to color experts, almost everyone respects blue whether it is the blue of sparkling sea-glass or the more traditional colonial blue-grey, because blue enhances almost every working space, and because blue is a naturally soothing color.

Green — Everything from Farm to Forest — in every shade imaginable, with names like celery and asparagus, fir and fern, makes it possible for an office interior to contain all of the comfort nature provides outdoors. The “natural” areas for vogue greens are in conference rooms or the break room, but the hue goes nicely in lobbies and individual offices as well.

Violet, Purple Mountains Majesty — Note that because violet is a pleasing combination of patriotic blue and red hues, it can wake up any large or small space when used as an accent color. It is also great as the main color in a work area or boardroom.

There is more news for 2012 aside from that of natural hues. Looking to the future, three paint and design trends will become popular this year: Patterns — In 2012, patterned paint will be at the forefront, with growing interest in hound’s-tooth finishes, intricate designs, and bold color blocking techniques. Sometimes, the pattern is the most prominent feature in an area; at other times, it is merely a less distinctive background for a room’s furnishings and artwork.

Black and White is a classic combination that has moved beyond the basics. It is something that can be found in settings ranging from an urban building all the way to a large office complex. The combination is an excellent manner in which to refresh a design with something modern and sophisticated. 

Exterior Paint Pairings — For the structure’s facade, windows need no longer be just the traditional high-contrast green, red, or black but will lean more toward a monochromatic color scheme. We will begin to notice that doors are painted a shade darker than the other areas of the building. 

If you are working with an office building or structure with a stone exterior, you can still get in on things by making the window color the main color of the stone. Despite all the new hues and trends, not everything will change in 2012. The things that will remain the same are top quality paint, which gives the best performance and the best value to building owners looking to improve the value of their buildings. 

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