3 Tips for High Rise Building Fire Safety

April 19, 2012

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Knowledge in the area of fire protection is undergoing great growth and advancement which will enable buildings to be designed for fire safety more logically and efficiently. After years of experiment and mistakes, new ideas and standards make it possible to construct high rise buildings which are safe.

1. Prevent fire ignition

The initial opportunity to accomplish fire safety in a structure is through fire prevention that involves separating possible heat sources from potential fuels. Major building fires are started by high temperature sources and ignitable materials which are introduced into the building, not built into it. This means the design of the building, from the architects and builder’s standpoint offers limited possible leverage on strengthening future fire experience.

For design reasons fire prevention is improved because of careful observance of codes and standards in the planning and installment of electrical, lighting and heating systems and other built-in equipment such as refrigeration or air conditioning.

2. Stop combustion

Controlled combustion deals with slowing the fire to produce other fire safety measures which allow sufficient time to be effective. A logical design blueprint for this purpose should address the various possible methods in which hazards might develop rapidly.

The property fire safety system could be planned around fire growth and its consequential production of combustion i.e. flame, heat smoke and gases. The effectiveness of the building fire safety system determines the speed, quantity and methods of movement of these combustible products.

3. Fire detection and alarms

Fire detection is essential so that automatic or manual fire suppression is initiated. All other active fire protection systems are required to be activated so occupants have enough time to move to secure places usually outside the building.

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