5 Common Mistakes in Painting and Coatings (and how to avoid them)

May 31, 2013

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Surface imperfections and problems are common and easy to correct but a nuisance that can be avoided. Here is a list of the most frequent problems contractors can run into and how to avoid them altogether.

1. Alligatoring and wrinkling: When the paint dries and takes on a scaly appearance, this is called alligatoring. When paint dries in a rough, creased pattern it is called wrinkling. Both of these issues can be addressed by letting the undercoat dry before applying the topcoat. Or if an alky layer is applied over a latex primer.

2. Blistering: This is usually caused when one layer of paint loses adhesion and tends to happen on freshly painted surfaces. The only way to repair this is by removing as much paint as possible and repainting.

However, if the problem is caused by moisture, you’ll have to repair all sources of moisture to prevent it from happening again. It may be a good time to contact a waterproofing company. Installing vents and exhaust fans tends to be an effective solution that keeps moisture from happening.

3. Flaking and chalking: In some cases, a painted or coated surface will exhibit a loose powder or a flaking surface. These problems are caused by decomposing paint. Chalking may be washed away by rain and cause visible patterns. Or it may wash across other surfaces, called chalk rundown.

4. Miscoloring and staining: Foreign objects on the surface, like nails that have rusted or mildew can cause a change in color or stains on the surface.

5. Color change due to surfactant leaching: water-soluble ingredients from latexes seep to the surface, giving paint a brownish or shiny appearance. Wood tannins can also be a cause for brown stains.

When applied onto correctly primed and prepared surfaces, architectural coatings, such as concrete coatings,  will deflect any of these problems. If this correct application is also integrated into a sustainable maintenance program, it should go even further.

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