5 Guidelines for Facility Managers and Striping Parking Lots

September 19, 2011

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Parking lot striping is key to creating a good first impression because the parking lot is the first place in the building where customers stop and get out of their cars.

Entrusting this project to a parking lot striping contractor carries with it a high degree of attention to detail and some careful research, in order to get the best value for your project.

Where to start? Read these few simple guidelines:

1. Clarify parking lot striping goals. The design dictates the way the striping contractor will work. Facility managers should be concise about the deliverables and expected output of the striping project. This way, the contractor knows exactly the targets that need to be reached, to guarantee satisfaction.

2. Balance the need for quality over cost. It’s a tightrope, but Facility managers just have to walk this line to get the best value out of the parking lot striping project. Quality need not be expensive, in the hands of a capable contractor.

3. Think ahead and into the future. The business car park will need to keep up with business growth. Facility managers must take this into consideration in parking lot striping. Future business expansion, natural aging, and physical damage from constant heavy loads will cause the car park to change, and the contractor must be able to anticipate and address these issues.

4. Be attuned to cutting-edge striping technology. Innovations abound everywhere, with almost all painting contractor companies investing in these technological advancements and green-friendly products. Facility managers must keep in step not only with what’s new or what’s hot, but most importantly good quality and effectiveness.

5. Place a premium on knowledge, skills and experience. It is a wise move to rely on a parking lot striping company that has successfully completed many striping projects in its work history. Hands-on experience is an important factor in the success of the project, and Facility managers must consider this as one strength of any potential contractor. Experience can be verified from testimonials of past client references.

Parking lot striping not only assures compliance of federal regulations, but in getting the best deal with contractors also guarantees a well-designed parking area for vehicles, for the convenience and delight of your customers.

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