5 Things to Look for in an Industrial Metal Coating Contractor

April 16, 2012

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Here are the five things to look for in an industrial metal coating contractor to make sure your factory can look impressive without interfering with your business.

1. Metal painting specialists

The subject of industrial painting is immense and Contractors that specialize in commercial work are not automatically equipped or else skilled for manufacturing painting. Hiring a Contractor who doesn’t concentrate on your type of building is asking for trouble. When they don´t know what they are doing they could blow out windows, motors or gauges and cause you hundreds of thousands of dollars in harm, downtime and paint overspray.

2. Experience and reputation

The finest Contractor for your job is also the one with the most knowledge. If they identify themselves as metal painting experts, except have only been in business for a few years, just how much competence can they possibly have? A Contractor that´s been in business for many years is familiar with your needs and problems since they have undoubtedly observed them before.

3. The correct equipment to organize the job

Every job has to be prepped and how that is completed will affect the standard of the final product. To be efficient and perform a good prep job, a Contractor must have the appropriate prep equipment and know how and when to make use of it. They have to know the proper prep technique for your circumstances. For some jobs, high-pressure washing is really the only method because of environmental considerations. For others, grit blasting or a combination of both is the right process to choose. Don´t speculate. Your Contractor must have the experience and competence to know what to accomplish in any situation and their whole squad should be well qualified in using the equipment. This is strong equipment that is precarious to people and your building so it is crucial that everybody in the team is aware what they are doing.

4. Fast turn around time

A well-qualified and properly fitted industrial painting contractor can reduce needless down time even on weekends, holidays or during the week. They recognize you must be up and running Monday morning to help your customers.

5. Guaranteed work

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