5 Tips in Successfully Hiring Industrial Painters in California

April 1, 2011

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Industrial plants have some of the most stringent requirements when it comes to painting projects. Foremost of these requirements is a no-downtime policy in all facility floors that aim for 100 percent productivity 100 percent of the time. The wrong choice of industrial painters in California to do the facility’s painting jobs means a costly plant downtime.

In hiring the ideal industrial painters in California, the facility manager can use the following tips to evaluate the prospective contractors and use these as bases for the decision-making process:

1. Look for contractors with proven history and a good reputation.

The ideal industrial painters in California belong to the top of the painting industry, be it state-wide or nation-wide. They earn this reputation from a long and proven history of consistently good client satisfaction ratings and by achieving the highest certifications and standards. Reputable industrial painters in California have a professional work force that can deliver quality work and with the best abilities.

2. Consider the length of time that the contractors are in business.

The top industrial painters in California are often those that have served in the industry far longer than the rest. Business survival is a product of good management, business direction, and product offerings that build good client relationships. The length of time that industrial painters in California have been in business means they possess these characteristics that make them seasoned veterans in the industry. Longevity speaks well of their experience and methodologies which they can channel to successful facility projects.

3. Make sure that the contractor has the expertise specific to the project.

Industrial painters in California continually improve their skills in various painting methodologies. The more skills that their labor force have, the wider is their client base to cater to. Even better, the painting contractors should possess certified skills in painting applications such as waterproofing, exterior and interior painting, among others. For facility managers who require specific tasks to be completed at their facilities, or projects that require multiple skills and specialties, the contractors that possess the needed skills for the project should be chosen.

4. Examine the contractor’s proposed deliverables and project timeline.

An important goal of the facility project is to meet a very specific deadline. The selected industrial painters in California should be able to deliver the project by strictly adhering to the time schedule, so as not to cause unnecessary facility downtime. Many industrial plants plan their downtimes on non-peak production hours or weekends. The painting contractor should be able to complete the painting application in a timely and accurate manner. Less than this can disrupt plant operations and incur more costs to the project.

5. Look for the contractor with the best offer on price.

It is possible to find ideal industrial painters in California that can reconcile good performance with reasonable costs. The facility manager should be able to sift through the potential candidates and narrow down the choice to those that can fulfill the facility’s budget requirements.

It is very important to be careful in selecting industrial painters in California. Any painting project that suffers from poor workmanship can set back the project and increase the downtime to the facility. Worse, faulty work can, in the future, lead to coatings failure — a cost that will haunt the facility long after the project has been completed.

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