Part 3: 5 Tips to Choosing a Tank Lining Contractor

April 15, 2009

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Continued: 5 Tips to Choosing a Tank Lining Contractor

Since containment tanks are one of the industry’s most complex structures when it comes to coating applications, it is crucial that only the most qualified painting contractors will perform tank lining projects. The previous blog discussed the third common-sense tip on how to choose the right tank lining contractor, that is, to examine closely the processes and methodologies that the prospective painting contractors commonly perform in past projects and plan to perform in this particular tank lining activity.

Upon establishing the capabilities of the painting contractors, it’s time to focus on the safety standards that they uphold, and particularly how this affects the tank lining project:

4. Examine the safety and best practice standards of the painting contractors

It is critical that the contractor adheres to safety compliance policies and applies them conscientiously in all aspects of the tank lining project, from tank lining products to be used, on to work area standard safety regulations.

The contractor must be mindful with the need for the safest coatings product for the tank lining project, as approved by NACE and SSPC standards. In cases of tank lining for food storage tanks, familiarity with FDA and EPA regulations should also be considered by the qualified painting contractors.

Determine further the contractor’s ability to observe safety precautions based on the OSHA material safety data sheet, as well as the contractor’s safety equipments such as ladders and scaffoldings, protective workers’ garments, and first-aid or emergency procedures.

The amount of effort involved in upholding safety procedures lessens the risk of project failure, and should be one of the most stringent criteria in choosing the tank lining contractors.

The last blog in this 4-part series will talk about obtaining a performance guarantee from the tank lining contractor.

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