Part 4: 5 Tips to Choosing a Tank Lining Contractor

April 16, 2009

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Continued: 5 Tips to Choosing a Tank Lining Contractor

Painting contractors have different levels of expertise, experience and way of working when it comes to tank lining projects. That is the main reason why hiring the most qualified among them is a task that needs careful consideration. Keeping in mind further that any particular containment tank has case-specific tank lining requirements and could differ in details from one project to another, and that preventing structural failure is of utmost priority, then the selection process for painting contractors is made all the more crucial.

The last tip below finalizes this series of blogs on choosing a tank lining contractor:

5. Obtain a performance guarantee

A performance guarantee from tank lining contractors will ensure that the project has long-term protection in the event of project failure. The painting contractors must be able to provide a guarantee of good performance as part of a final contract.

The warranty should declare that the delivered tank lining work is of good quality and will not result to defects and problems in the future. Should any problems arise in the period covered by the warranty, painting contractors will provide the necessary labor to rectify the problem, while product-specific warranties are dependent on the manufacturer.

Tank lining is a highly-specialized job with many complex elements to consider, which is why the rigorous examination of the capabilities of the painting contractors always guarantees positive tank lining results.

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