A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring the Right Commercial Painting Contractor

November 21, 2023

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Large-scale commercial painting projects for high-rises and massive structures require the expertise of a seasoned commercial painting contractor. These professionals not only understand the intricacies of the job but can also deliver results with precision and efficiency so you stay within cost projections. 

Raider Painting is a commercial painting contractor with over 40 years of industry experience. We have built a reputation for delivering high-quality services within budget, utilizing the latest technologies. Our wealth of experience makes us a reliable partner for large businesses across various industries needing commercial painting services.

In this guide, we will go over the step-by-step process of finding the right contractor for your project. You will learn what questions to ask, the going rate for commercial painting projects and the factors to consider before you hire a contractor.


Define Your Project Scope

The first step in finding the right commercial contractor for your large project is to define the scope of the work. In order to do this, you will need to determine the size of the building, the type of surfaces to be painted, the desired finish and any other special requirements. This will help you effectively communicate your project’s specifics when interviewing candidates for the job.


Research and Shortlist Various Contractors

Begin your search for a commercial painting contractor by conducting thorough research. You should be looking for contractors with a proven track record in handling large-scale projects. You can start by searching online, asking for recommendations from colleagues or contacting industry associations.

When you get referrals from partners and colleagues, you can ask the following questions:

  • What did you like about their paint job?
  • What was the worst thing the contractor did?
  • Were the project expectations met?
  • Was the contractor able to complete all the tasks on time?
  • Were you able to stay within your projected budget?
  • What is the scope of the project you were working on?

You should aim to compare the project scope to see if it matches your desired work. Make sure that the referred provider is equipped and experienced in completing the job.

Make sure to do your research after getting a referral. Start by checking out the contractor’s website and see their portfolio. Also, look for reviews from previous customers and see how responsive these professionals were when clients voiced concerns over the projects they handled.


Evaluate Experience and Expertise

When considering potential contractors, assess their experience and expertise in the field. Focus on their previous large commercial projects, checking for their ability to meet deadlines and deliver quality results. Raider Painting has an extensive history of working with large companies since 1983, a testament to our capabilities and commitment to exceeding client expectations.


Request Bids and Proposals

Once you have a shortlist of potential contractors, request bids and proposals. Ensure each proposal includes a detailed project breakdown, including costs, timelines, and materials. This will help you compare different offers and choose the best fit for your project requirements.

Schedule a call to discuss the project details and the bid they submitted to you. Here are a few questions you can ask the contractor during the interview:

  • What Brands and Products Do You Use? Look for contractors using high-quality products and brands. Ensure the contractor uses high-quality paints and coatings appropriate for your building’s needs. Discuss paint options, brands, and their suitability for your project with your chosen contractor.
  • What Do I Need Before the Project Starts? With this question, you’re looking for their expertise and determine how they minimize delays or reduce costs.
  • What Safety Precautions Do You Implement? Professional contractors always have policies and procedures to reduce accidents and injuries.
  • Do You Use Subcontractors? While it is common for these companies to hire subcontractors to supplement their workforce, ensure they will mandate the quality standards you expect them to provide.
  • What Custom Service Do You Offer? Look for flexibility and capacity.
  • How Many People Will Be Assigned to This Project? You are checking for capacity and how well they handle large projects.
  • How Flexible are Your Deadlines? Check how committed the provider is to finishing projects on time.

You can select the best candidate, typically the one who can answer the questions above to your satisfaction.


Verify Licensing and Insurance

Large commercial projects require contractors to have the necessary licenses and insurance. Confirm that the contractor you select meets all legal requirements, but remember that licensing requirements vary by location. For instance, there is no state-level painter’s license in Texas. However, contractor bonds and licenses are enforced at the county or city level.


Discuss the Project Timeline

A realistic timeline is crucial for a large commercial painting project. These projects can disrupt your operations. Work with your chosen contractor to establish a schedule that suits your business operations while ensuring the project is completed within the stipulated time frame.


Negotiate Terms and Contracts

The next step is to negotiate the terms and conditions of the project. This should include payment schedules and warranties. Ensure all aspects of the project, from materials to labor, are well-documented in a clear, legally binding contract.

It is important to remember that the going rate for commercial painting projects will vary depending on several crucial factors:

  • The amount of prep work necessary.
  • Coats and material costs.
  • Rates vary by location.


Monitor the Project

Once the project is underway, you must maintain open communication with your contractor. You should also conduct regular site visits and get progress updates from the contractor. It will help ensure the work meets your expectations and requirements.


Work with Commercial Contractors Trusted Nationwide

Businesses face various challenges when searching for a commercial painting contractor for large projects. It often requires careful planning, thorough research, and a lot of patience. It is crucial to select a contractor with extensive experience and capacity to meet the project’s specific needs.

When it comes to large commercial painting projects, Raider Painting stands out as the most reliable contractor with nationwide locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. With their extensive industry experience and a long history of working with companies since 1983, we are your trusted partner for large commercial projects, efficiently handling every detail.

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