Abundant and Eco-Friendly Concrete

March 30, 2010

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Concrete finish contractors recommend concrete as a green construction material because of its many characteristics that are suitable for green building. One of these characteristics is its abundance everywhere in the planet. The materials used to make concrete are easily sourced and plentiful.

Raw materials to produce concrete are limestone, sand and clay. These raw materials are some of the most common materials extracted from the bowels of the earth. Concrete finish contractors are provided with a steady supply of locally-made Portland cement – a component of concrete – which contains these materials. This makes concrete relatively cheaper, needing no expensive transportation or freight costs to be acquired for building construction.

Furthermore, concrete is also commonly produced using aggregates like gravel, sand and crushed rocks. These materials are also abundant in any location and require no special equipments or processes to produce.

With the green building movement spreading across the country as consumers’ environmental awareness continue to grow, concrete is becoming more and more essential to green building because of this abundance and ease of acquisition. This, and other unique properties of concrete, appeal to concrete finish contractors to make it a prime material for green construction.

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