Accurate Assessment Equals Successful Wastewater Tank Repair

January 5, 2010

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Sewage tanks often subjected to harsh sewage-treating chemicals can suffer from many forms of corrosion, abrasion and damages, leading potentially and ultimately to structural decay. The thought of a sewage leak due to tank failure is enough motivation for facility managers to intervene in a timely manner to avoid this disastrous occurrence.

There is no straightforward or formulaic method to a successful application of anti corrosive coatings in tank repair. Even in the hands of skilled painting contractors, anti corrosive coatings do not offer a panacea to corrosion unless one important thing is in place: an accurate assessment of the extent of corrosion in the tank.

Why is assessment important? The answer is simple: to solve a problem, one must know what the problem is in the first place. A comprehensive inspection of the tank’s condition is very important, because this gives painting contractors valuable information about the structural integrity of the tank and increase the chances of applying the right anti corrosive coatings. Partnered with the correct assessment of the tank’s condition is the determination of the extent of corrosion in the tank. Data gathering, surface sampling, and some targeted tests can extract the data to indicate the severity of corrosion and wether or not the anti corrosive coatings is already failing or has failed.

Knowing these factors provide a sound analysis and the most effective action plan to repair the corrosion problem.

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