Achieving Indoor Environmental Quality in a Sustainable Facility

October 21, 2010

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Indoor Environmental Quality or IEQ is one of the standards for green building compliance to the LEED rating system. IEQ considers the environmental impact of any methods, materials or features used in the construction and maintenance of the building in relation to the physical and psychological welfare of building occupants. IEQ has been well-documented in various studies to affect employee performance, student productivity, and tenant health.

Here are some of the ways to achieve IEQ in a sustainable facility:

1. Ensure that windows are well-placed and easy for tenants to use.

2. Utilize skylights to lighten up areas in the facility.

3. Outfit the outdoor areas with trees and gardens and the indoor areas with ornamental plants for employees and tenants to enjoy looking and to maintain fresh atmosphere.

4. Utilize good ventilation to open up the building spaces to fresh air and sunlight, to avoid accumulating pollutants.

5. When using HVAC systems, ensure that the air intake comes from clean and fresh outdoor air and stale air is vented out of the building properly, to avoid dust and pollutants from staying indoors.

6. Use only green coatings with low VOCs to enhance the indoor air quality.

A facility that uses green coatings and building materials to achieve a good indoor environmental quality is not only complying with environmental standards, it also provides its human occupants with comfortable, healthy and safe living environments.

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