Adding Value to Your Property with Decorative Concrete

January 26, 2010

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In building projects and renovations, decorative concrete has become a favorite application of choice by engineers and architects. Even interior and exterior designers are using decorative concrete to create appealing spaces inside or outside facility buildings. Decorative concrete applications leave an artistic touch in any area of the facility, adding to the property’s value significantly.

Reasonable costs

Decorative concrete applications are inexpensive, mainly because the base materials to make concrete – cement, sand, and water – are some of the cheapest construction materials in the industry. In decorative concrete applications that use aggregates to add pattern to the finish, the cost may be a bit more, but still remain reasonable.

An important aspect of cost when it comes to decorative concrete is that the spendings can be controlled to a certain extent. This means facility managers can adjust their materials – concrete and aggregates both – to fit the allocated budget of the renovation project, an altogether practical option.

Ease of preparation

Decorative concrete is easy to prepare, following the ease of mixing and preparation of ordinary concrete. Because decorative concrete is used mainly for ornamental purposes, the thickness of the application is adjustable, even when colors and aggregates are added for artistic appeal.

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